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2007-12-31 22:21:32 by djheps

Yeah, of games. If you're looking into either one of two game series, Battlefield, or Call of Duty, here you'll learn which one is best for you.

If you're looking for intense violence, hardcore gameplay, blood, and strong language, then Call of Duty 4 is for you! It contains everything from small-squad action, to sniping missions, to bombing missions 6 miles above the ground. The action is always intense. the AI is smart and vicious; though some Allied AI are invincible, most are killable and will be by the enemy. CoD4's storyline is a bit far-fetched. It takes place in a Modern War, with weapons such as the AK-47, UZI, M21 Sniper Rifle, and more! You can play as two sides: the British SAS and the USMC, and follow each side as the battle unfolds in a thrilling, twisting, story. Not just Singleplayer, but Multiplayer!

If you're looking for moderate violence, a Conquest (you capture bases and the enemy attempts to take yours) type gametype, a blood-free and language-free game, then Battlefield 2 is for you! It has many maps with a few gametypes, which are Conquest, Team Deathmatch and more! Each map is compatible with either 16, 32, and 64 players, so your battle can range from small warfare to large warfare! It has modern weapons, and much more.

For more info on Call of Duty, visit the Call of Duty 4 Main Site. For more info on Battlefield, visit the Battlefield 2 Main Site.

Happy Gamin'!


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